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Aren’t you tired of paying your hard-earned money to utility companies in Los Angeles? Join the renewable energy move by harnessing the power of the sun, save the environment and never pay the ridiculous amount from power companies. Los Angeles, CA, has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate suitable for beach-goers and countless summer activities and solar system installation.

If you are big on climate change, global warming, renewable energy, and the rest contact us now.  SoCal Energy Los Angeles is a licensed company changing the California landscape and environment one solar system installation at a time.

Our Services

Residential Solar System Installation Los Angeles

It is time to go green and clean in your home with SoCal Energy. This is the all-in-one natural power source for your family. SoCal is a licensed solar panel installation company providing high-quality photovoltaic solar panels for Los Angeles homes. With our expertise in the field, we have high-trained and professional technicians to offer you the best price, service, and solar solution suited for your home.

It is time to go green, save the planet, and keep Los Angeles safe. The benefits of a solar energy system in your home are more than you can envisage. So if you are ready to enjoy a cleaner, safer and quieter home, call SoCal Energy on (818) 850-8508 now. The power to control power starts one solar panel system installation at a time.

Los Angeles Commercial Solar System Installation

Grow your business with SoCal Energy commercial solar system installation. If you run a business in Log Angeles, you probably know how much you pay in utility every month. And as your company expands, the more utility bills you pay can seriously eat into your profits and affect your down lines. We can make a difference.

SoCal Energy is a licensed company putting money back into your business; our solar system installation saves you hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly in utility bills, but that is not all. We will make the right choice for you, install it and get it running in the shortest possible time. Whether you need a panel for a corner store or a manufacturing plant, or an office building, we have the manpower for the job.

Los Angeles Solar Panel Replacement

Dealing with a broken solar panel or a panel that is not working efficiently? Let us handle the mess for you. The solar panel (s) can be replaced for various reasons, including weather damages, critter damage, or even your neglect and lack of maintenance.

If the panels are cracked or faulty, we will quickly replace that sheet and get it back to full working order in hours. If the problem is from the manufacturers, we will replace the panel and deal with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Do you need a competent solar panel replacement? Call SoCal Energy and get great value for your money. Dial (818) 850-8508 today and get free consultation.

Solar Panel Removal in Los Angeles

Solar systems are built to last sometimes up to decades. There are several reasons to remove your panel, but whatever they are, you need a professional and qualified technician because they a delicate. To avoid any mishap, call the SoCal Energy team to remove them for you.

At SoCal Energy, our removal technique is outstanding and as good as when it was initially installed. We follow strict procedures and company standards to protect the panels during the removal process.

Do you need to move the panels to a different position? Are you looking to conduct maintenance on the panels, or perhaps you need removal and reinstallation done? Call (818) 850-8508 now.

About Us

SoCal Energy Los Angeles is a licensed solar system installer and service provider in Los Angeles, CA. We are helping Americans save huge on utility bills and providing clean, sustainable, and renewable energy solutions for the past 15 years.

Are you ready to embrace solar power? If you live in Los Angeles, there is one name with the trustworthy, reliable, and guaranteed badge. SoCal Energy and its team of trained contractors, technicians, electricians, and others are the best in the business.

Who Are We?

We started out small, and our humble background bore the pillars that have sustained us throughout the years. Like the renewable energy source we sell, we have remained viable and reliable in the eyes of our customers. Our quest for clean energy started as a family, and the business took the effort of every family member. As a family-owned and operated business, we have served the Los Angeles residents and commercial sector ever since.

SoCal Energy Los Angeles, CA is freedom from massive utility bills that suffocate millions of Americans every year. Although we are still babies in the industry, we have used our experience to build a solid business delivering clean, affordable, and renewable energy from the sun to all. Being a family-owned business for one and a half-decade, we treat our customers like family and provide only top-quality products.

25 Years Warranty

Solar panels are designed to last, maybe not forever but for a very long time. At SoCal Energy Los Angeles, we have a 25 years warranty on all solar products bought and installed by our company. This is a long time to help you save for that special family vacation or building project. We have pursued the newest methods and equip ourselves with the tools, team, and talents to install solar panels for homes and local businesses.

Our Installation Process

Anyone can decide to install a solar panel, but only a few know how to get it done effectively. Los Angeles SoCal Energy is the best at installations on the highest levels. We painstakingly follow strict measures and industry-standard to ensure that the panels are sturdy and in the right direction. Although we are just 15 years in the business, we have a professional team with a cumulative experience of over 2 decades in fieldwork.

Top-Quality Products You Can Trust

There are plenty of solar panel products on the market, but SoCal Energy deals only with top-quality photovoltaic solar panels from accredited manufacturers in the country. Even it is the best by public opinion; it must meet our standards too. Over the years, we have learned, trained, specialized, and successfully installed complex solar systems. Our experience makes us the best solar system installers team.

Why Choose Us?

We know you have done your research before stopping by SoCal Energy. Los Angeles California is the center of solar energy technology, and there are no shortages of companies to choose from, but you are here. Welcome!

Your presence tells us you want to make the right investment with a trusted company for your home or business. While we are thankful for choosing us, we will go above and beyond to ensure you have the best service ever in Los Angeles. Whether it is for your home or business, working with SoCal Energy promises to be a fun, stress-free, and affordable experience.

But why should you stay with us? The following are why.

We Love Renewable Energy and Cannot Help It

We began this company because of our love for the environment, and providing solar panels have kept that dream alive. Just knowing that your actions are not destroying the planet is happiness in our hearts. Furthermore, the sources are natural and constantly replenish without any stress. What could be better than that? If you love the planet as we do, then choosing SoCal Energy is the perfect choice for you.

Global Warming

Our dependence on fossil fuel and non-renewable energy sources are killing the planet by increasing the temperature and changing climatic conditions. Using SoCal Energy solar panels is one small way you can help control rising temperatures.

It Saves You Money

How much do you pay for your utility bill monthly? Do you know that having a solar system installed can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in your home and business? This can only happen with a SoCal Energy solar panel installed on your premises.

Asides from not paying money to utility companies, you do not have to deal with any middleman (another cost-saving angel) and enjoy amazing tax benefits.
Finally, we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction because when you place that call or walk through the door, you are part of a growing family.
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Our mission is to help millions of Americans overwhelmed by the increasing utility bill gained financial freedom through sunlight.
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